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GTS Solutions CIC (GTS) is the only more than profit social enterprise to operate in the UK’s Private security industry and continues to deliver on its social aims and objectives through a number of traditional and highly progressive channels. With Public Safety at our core, as a business we have evolved to become a leader in the provision of end to end public safety and deliver our services through five key services.

These operate across the Private, Public and Third sectors as well as GTS being advisers to local, regional and central Governments across the UK.

Utilising the extensive experience of our team, supported by a number of Industry leading gold status Partners and backed up by our SQA and HABC accredited training centre we truly can support and deliver real, long term value to our customers “delivering peace, in real time.”

A Unique Approach

Yes, our operating model may be unique, but the benefit we deliver to our customers in services relating to both on and offline end to end security solutions, delivering maximum value to corporate organisations in matters relating to Community Benefit Clauses, Socially Engineered Contracts and CSR as well as XXXXXXXXX are well documented.

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All of this is wrapped up in our purpose driven reinvestment which sees our generated profits being delivered back into public safety which we quantify and evidence in our SROI and measure against the UN sustainable development goals.

With our suite of specialist services, we have the toolkit to deliver peace in real-time.

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